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We have access to all the major brands of desktop computers, laptops, netbooks, ultrabooks, tablets, etc. Our goal is to find you the latest models that will suit your needs based upon your requirements for use and style/look. Additionally we also offer a free 1 hour session for delivery, set-up, configuring, and file transfer for any new computer purchase. Our products are one of the best you can find around.

We also carry all the other accessories associated with computer technology including: monitors, external hard drives, printers and multi-functions, WiFi routers, UPS battery back-ups, speakers and other peripherals. As part of our service package, we offer a delivery and set-up service for these items as well.

Some of the brands in picture include:

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Our Goal

Our goal is to deliver innovative, best-of-breed, technology support products, services and solutions that make businesses more efficient. By combining leading-edge, specific IT knowledge, we develop efficient and effective solutions that keep businesses-step ahead of their competition. After serving customers for more than 12 years, we ‘ve proved that success is a journey and not a destination.

We have brand new Desktops and fairly used ones @ a very affordable price. We can also clone a computer system for you that can perform your desired task. A clone is a computer Hardware or software system that is designed to function in the same way as another system. For more details on clone computer system, click here. Fill our Support Ticket Form to give us the full details of the cloned computer system you desire.

State-of-the-Art Data Center Infrastructure Devices

Whether you need to extend your existing physical Data Center infrastructure, complete a seamless migration to the cloud, integrate state-of-the-art collaboration and mobility solution, or execute a strategic IT initiative, Sysbarnet State-of-the-art Data Center devices are equally available for purchase.

View our shop page for more details on our products or call us on +2347 0137 73350.

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