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WLAN Network DiagramA good communication between your staff is very important for growing your business network. You can increase business efficiency by files sharing between PCs, software sharing and databases from a computer network.

Wireless networking allows you to use your computer just about anywhere in the house or in your office. You’re no longer confined to being tethered to a cable. Plus you’ll still be able to print to any printer connected to a computer in your home or office!



Network provides you a fast and easy way to communicate efficiently using a network with a group of people. You can enjoy the advantages of emails messaging, IP telephony, video conferencing etc. Networking is great for sharing ideas and knowledge.


This is one of the major advantages of computers networking. Files can be stored on a central file server, allowing data to be shared and access by all.


Since files and software are on central location, it is easy to take backup from main server instead of taking backup from each system.


You can install applications on main server, from where user can access that application centrally. It is also beneficial in a sense that you don’t need to install software on every single machine. Similarly you can share hardware as well. Expensive devices such as laser printers or scanners can be shared.


You can manage security and access rights with networking. Networks also allow security to be established, ensuring that the network users may only have access to certain files and applications.


Networking is also cost-effective in aspect of hardware and software. Buy central application or hardware instead for every individual user. Therefore large companies can cut the cost of buying software by networking their computers.

Sysbarnet can set up your cable and wireless network for you complete with security enabled for your safety. We work on any brand and every model.

Or, if you are having trouble with your existing network, give us a call today. We can usually book an appointment the same day and be right over to fix your problem fast!

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A LAN, or a local area network, is a bit like the internet only a lot, lot smaller. That is, it only consists of a few devices that are all connected to each other. You may want a LAN so you can share files, send pictures and music to other computers, connect to a printer easily, or have a good old fashioned LAN party to play games with some pals.
To set up a LAN, you will need:
⦁ A network switch – or a router
⦁ An ethernet cable, plus extra ones for every device you want to connect via cable
⦁ A computer
⦁ All the rest of your devices
If you want your LAN to connect to the internet, you’ll add the devices below
⦁ A broadband connection
⦁ A router
⦁ A modem (if there isn’t one built in to your router)


A Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) is a large computer network on the large geographical area that include several buildings or even the entire city (metropolis). The geographical area of the MAN is larger than LAN, but smaller than WAN. MAN includes many communicating devices and provides the Internet connectivity for the LANs in the metropolitan area.
MAN is used to combine into a network group located in different buildings into a single network. The diameter of such a network can range from 5 to 50 kilometers. As a rule, MAN does not belong to any particular organization, in most cases, a group of users or a provider who takes charge for the service own its connecting elements and other equipment. Level of service is agreed in advance and some warranties are discussed


If you have two business locations separated by more than a hundred yards of property that you do not own, you need a Wide Area Network (WAN) to connect the two locations. WAN connections vary in bandwidth depending on your needs, and may be set up as a direct connection or a virtual private network (VPN) via the Internet. Either way, connecting your locations will enable better and more secure communication within your business.


An intranet is a set of Internet services (such as a web server) which exists within a local area network, meaning that it can only be accessed from stations on a local network and cannot be seen from the outside. It involves using Internet client-server standards (with the TCP/IP protocols), such as using web browsers, to create an internal information system within an organization or business.

Other network types includes Passive Optical Local Area Network (POLAN), Storage-Area Network (SAN), Controller Area Network (CAN), Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), Enterprise Private Network (EPN), Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Sysbarnet can set up any of the network type for you complete with security enabled for your safety. We work on any brand and every model.

Or, if you are having trouble with your existing network, give us a call today. We can usually book an appointment the same day and be right over to fix your problem fast! Call now on +2347 0137 73350 / +2348158890370 or Click here to book an appointment. Your satisfaction is our joy!

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